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Ah Chef Ludo. I was first introduced to this popular chef when I attended LudoBites 4.0 amidst a bunch of food bloggers and the FoodDigger staff.

I enjoyed my meal and would love to attend another LudoBites but they do fill up quickly so I went for the next best thing, the Ludo Truck.

So when the big red truck (with the equally big red….rooster) rolled into the South Bay, I was thrilled. A date with this truck was long overdue.

Fellow foodies had raved about the honey lavender biscuits but sadly they were gone by the time I got there. Oh well…

What was there however was the chicken strips which I decided to try. The outsides were crunchy, the insides were very moist. The tender meat had a mild je ne sais quoi to it. Literally. I don’t know what it was, I can’t put my finger on it. Even my husband was wondering what they fry the chicken in because it sure didn’t taste like fast food. Whatever it was, it made the crispy strips extra delicious.

The fries were also cooked in the same oil that I still can’t put my finger on. Crispy golden outsides with a hint of salt with a warm & mushy interior. How *do* they do that?

I did like my meal overall although I admit that the price ($8.00) seemed a bit steep for what I got but it is gourmet right? I want to try the biscuits next time the truck comes by. I’ll be sure to be at the front of the line that day. Lesson learned. So I say check out the Ludo Truck. Just don’t come super hungry though because it will take a lot for you to get filled up!

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