South Bay Food Fest Recap

I attended the very first South Bay Food Fest today. I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive at how the event would be considering the craziness that was the first LA Food Truck Fest. I was relieved to find that once I entered the Home Depot Center, it was very organized and mellow. Yes the food trucks all had their far share of lines but nothing too crazy. It also helped that I got there when they first opened.

Into the jaws of the roaming hunger….

I got chased by a man on stilts…

When the coast was finally clear from the crazy man on stilts, I got a tasty fish taco from the Slap Fish Truck.


So many old friends were in attendance.

Cool Haus Truck

Jogasaki & Truck Norris


Jogasaki Sushi Burrito & Truck Norris across the way
White Rabbit Truck


The White Rabbit Truck
Auntie's Fry Bread

Auntie’s Fry Bread


Some vendors were there

South Bay Food Fest Booths

as well as local restaurants

South Bay Food Fest Restaurants

They even had a place for the kiddies
South Bay Food Fest Kid Area

But I however was there for the food trucks. I’m so glad I’ve been to the ADM Eat Fleet & South Bay Din Din A Go Go so I could narrow my options at the food fest.

Temaki Truck Handroll

So I had a delicious shrimp & octopus handroll from the Temaki truck, that I need to follow on Twitter cuz I’d like to try it again.

Nom Nom Truck Taco
And I finally got to try the Nom Nom Truck with their tasty pork taco & a refreshing watermelon basil lemonade.
Kogi BBQ Taco
My final stop was Kogi BBQ, the grand daddy of them all. They opened late & I waited 10 mins for them just to open up but it was totally worth it. The staff teased me for waiting in line for just a single taco but I had to pace myself.

Again I had a great time & it paid to go early because the lines were shorter. Of course I didn’t try every truck but I’ve got my sights on…
Me So Hungry Truck
Me so Hungry

Lime Truck
And the Lime Truck with a line that rivaled Kogi BBQ!

Rebel Bite
Finally there’s practically the resident food truck, Rebel Bite that I constantly see at ADM. So I’ll catch them when the line isn’t so bad.

I love that the South Bay is finally getting food truck love. Eager to see what the next year has in store!

I will be reviewing each truck I sampled today so keep your eye out for my Follow That Food Truck series. Did you go to the food fest? What was your favorite truck?


Over the Moon

I first learned of moon cakes during the very first month of my food blog in September of last year. I was impressed by the detail of each cake. Each design so perfectly etched. I bookmarked a few recipes but never got around to baking it. I also admit I was intimidated about making such a dessert.

A year later the moon festival came upon us and again I saw my fellow bloggers’ recipes. Again I promised I’d make the cakes, or try them. I’m glad to say I succeeded at the latter.

I was shopping at a local Asian market when I happened upon hopia, a Filipino pastry that looks similar to a moon cake and in fact could be described as the Filipino version of the dessert. Right next to it was the one and only moon cake itself. I of course bought a few to sample. Sadly the only English on the packaging were the ingredients and the word Moon Cake so I brought them home and hoped for the best.


The first cake I tried was a dense square cake with an intricate design. The cake itself was fairly dense. I knew right away I could not finish it in one seating. The cake was doughy but not too rich. The center of the cake contained yolk and lotus seeds. I couldn’t taste either but overall the cake was fairly good even though I could only eat one half at a time.

The second cake I tried was small and round with a red design on the top that was unfortunately separated once I took the cake out of the wrapper. This cake was doughy and sweeter than the previous. The center was gelatinous and equally as dense. This cake reminded me slightly of the more familiar hopia I was accustomed to.

I was glad I was able to try the famed moon cake although next time I would venture out to Monterey Park to try the real and fresher deal.

I found these Moon Cakes at Seafood City in Carson. If you are a more daring soul, try to make these from scratch!

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