Chipotle Mexican Grill Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day


Chipotle Teacher Appreciation (photo courtesy of Chipotle)

Chipotle Teacher Appreciation (photo courtesy of Chipotle)

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions. Chipotle will recognize all educators for the great job they do with a Teacher Appreciation Day promotion.

Chipotle Mexican Grill  celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day with a special buy one get one deal for all school staff on Tuesday, May 6th at all Chipotle locations nationwide.


All school staff with valid school ID will receive a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or order of tacos with purchase of another menu item from 4pm to close. This promotion applies to in store orders and is applicable to all teachers, faculty, and school staff of all levels from preschool to college. Home schooling parents, with official documentation are also included.

For more information, please visit Find the Chipotle nearest you at and be sure to let the wonderful teachers in your life know about this great deal.

Doma Kitchen Redondo Beach, CA


Doma Kitchen art


Doma Kitchen is one of the newer restaurants in Redondo Beach that I’ve wanted to check out for quite a while. Between chasing a toddler and being a domestic diva, I was  glad to get some free time to finally check them out.   Doma offers globally inspired fare made with fresh farmers’ market ingredients. They serve breakfast, which includes waffles & crepes all day long. They also offer salads and sandwiches. Russian dishes Plov, Pelmeni, Borscht soup, and Lagman are their house specialties and are pretty unique in this area. The menu changes seasonally.

I ordered the grilled lamb sandwich and iced organic coffee and made my way to a table. I learned that Doma means “home” and I certainly felt nice and cozy the moment I set foot in the cafe.

Dining is entirely al fresco at Doma.  The patio had a bohemian feel with large community and smaller tables. Colorful canopies shielded me from the warm sun and local art adorned the walls. I found the cushions made of denim to be pretty unique, much like the cafe. I felt quite relaxed despite the noise of PCH right on the other side of the stained wooden fence.

Doma Kitchen Lamb Sandwich

Doma Kitchen Lamb Sandwich

My order came out shortly after I had a seat. I loved the fresh taste of the chewy ciabatta artisan bread. The lamb was pretty moist and the tomatoes were fresh. The sandwich came with some crispy parmesan fries. My iced coffee wasn’t too strong and tasted very smooth.

I enjoyed my experience at Doma. Yes, the meal was a little on the pricey side, but with their use of organic and fresh ingredients, I felt it was worth it.  I will be back to try their breakfast menu as well as their salads, that were the winner of Best of the Beach 2014.

Doma is open Tuesday through Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm. Street parking is available but be aware of street cleaning days and times.

Have you been to Doma? What dishes do you recommend?

Doma Kitchen Julia Child


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Best Decision Ever


This week’s Finish the Sentence Friday topic was pretty easy for me. There’s been plenty of times that I second guessed myself. However, there’s one decision  I’ve made that I’ve never regretted.

My first big girl job was with a large hotel chain that you’re probably familiar with. I lived in Orlando, just an hour away from my family. The rest of my friends were dispersed around the country. I worked long hours and my fiancé (now husband) was stationed in Los Angeles.

I was pretty miserable. Having a life was difficult since I worked 10-12 hour days. Sometimes I’d have to work for 10 days straight. Despite my family being an hour away, I wouldn’t see them as frequently as I would’ve liked. I did the long distance relationship thing with my fiancé for a year but I was dying to get out of Orlando. I was so tired of simply sleeping and working. It was taking its toll on me. Over the course of the year I was in Orlando, my mom, who lived in Los Angeles since I was 7 also got very sick. After talking it over with my family & fiancé, I knew I had to find some way out of Orlando.

As luck would have it, my fiancé’s friend’s wife worked for the same hotel chain I did in Los Angeles. After some interviews, I was offered a job. This was the biggest move I’d ever done in my life. Sure it was scary but I’m glad my fiancé was with me. I was also glad that I’d be able to spend more time with my mom, who passed away the following year.

Living in California has had its ups and downs. It took me a few years to get settled any make friends. I love how there’s so many things to do. One thing that’s been constant since I moved here is my love for the beach. I’ve said it a million times but it never gets old. As my time in California draws to a close, I can still say moving out here was a great decision.

What was the best decision you’ve made?

Finish the Sentence Friday


Ten Oopsies


This Tuesday Ten is pretty straightforward. Here’s 10 mistakes I’ve made & what I’ve learned from them. Some of these answers will be similar to my Finish the Sentence Friday post from last week.

1) I’ve beat this one into the ground, but I regret not picking the right major in school. I haven’t gotten that far with my Communication major. I was a restaurant manager for 4 years. I got tired of the long hours & weird schedule so I took a desk job which I absolutely hated. I quit that & it took me forever to find a job. When I finally did, it was part time. Yes, better than nothing, but I still get upset that I wasn’t able to get a job right away, when my friends who majored in other things, like education were able to get a new job in a matter of weeks. If I could do it all over again, I’d major in Physical Therapy.

2) I wouldn’t have joined mommy groups. I got severely burned by them to the point that I don’t want to make any new friends out of fear of getting hurt. It’s always been hard for me to make friends since I’ve been out of college. I’ve tried meet up groups, but I didn’t click with that many people & got a lot of “let’s make plans” and nothing come of it. I’ve been the one to initiate making plans as well but those people always ended up being busy. It wasn’t until after I got burned from mommy groups that I heard so many other bad things about them. So now, I choose not to make new friends. I don’t want to get hurt. At the same time, I get lonely not having any friends. It’s a vicious cycle but I’d rather be lonely than hurt.

3) Watch the speed limit on the freeway.
I went over the speed limit by 10, got a ticket, and an angry cop yelling at me as if I just committed a mass murder. I was also slapped with a pretty hefty fine. So not doing that again.

4) Crossed the double yellow before the turn lane.
Yes, another driving issue. I was in the left lane & it was backed up pretty bad. I had to make a left turn, so I did what I saw many drivers do & cross the double yellow to get into the lane. Of course when I did it, I got a ticket for it, which was actually more expensive than the speeding ticket! Also, both of these tickets were given here in CA. I drove in FL for 10 years & never got a single ticket. Don’t know what it is about CA cops.

5) Not taken sewing lessons.
My in laws are super crafty. Everyone can quilt, cross stitch, heck, make clothes. Me? I’ve just learned how to hem my pants and take in my tops. I wouldn’t know how to alter the rest of my clothes let alone make them. I think this skill would definitely come in handy now so I wouldn’t have to pay a taylor to alter my clothes. Also I feel like I don’t fit in since I’m not crafty.

6) Been too passive.
All my life, I was raised to be meek. I never once stood up for myself. I think I would’ve gotten farther if I did.

7) Added people I didn’t know too well on Facebook
Facebook has been the source of much drama in my life. More so with people I didn’t know too well. I’ve made it harder to find me on Facebook & changed the email associated with my account. I made a dummy account to use for any Facebook groups. I don’t add anyone on that one either.

8) Didn’t make freezer meals before my son was born.
I thought I’d have time to cook after Andrew was born. “I’ll cook when he sleeps” is what I’d say. I didn’t anticipate being so exhausted. Fortunately for us, my husband’s company sent a month’s worth of frozen meals. These were the good kind too! No tv dinners here! These meals were fully cooked & vacuum sealed. All we had to do was heat them up. It was like Christmas when I got that package. I don’t plan to have anymore children, but I do suggest to new mamas that they make some freezer meals….if they ask of course. I don’t like giving unsolicited advice. At the very least, I will make freezer meals for my expecting friends since I know how it is.

9) Didn’t travel to Europe before having my son

I know we’ll probably get to do this when he’s older, but I wish we had the funds to do it before all this.

10) I wish I would leave at the first sign of red flags in any relationship. I have usually stuck around to give people the benefit of the doubt…which usually ended up with me getting bitten in the butt. At least I know better now.

Join us at Tuesday Ten and share some of your oopses!

The Golden Spoons


Twisted Mixed Tape: So Long, Farewell….

This is the last installment of Twisted Mixed Tape. I’ve loved being a part of this blog hop. Music is my absolute favorite thing and it was nice to hear other people’s mixes. I have Jen Kehl to thank for this all.

So, with the blog hop sailing off into the sunset, here’s a list of my favorite “goodbye” songs.


1) Sarah McLachlan- I Will Remember You

This was my high school senior year song. Just hearing it gives me flashbacks to one of the best years of my life.

I’m so afraid to love you, but more afraid to loose
Clinging to a past that doesn’t let me choose
Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light

2) Amy Grant- I Will Remember You

Another sweet song. Instead of making me reminisce, it makes me downright sad!

So many years come and gone
And yet the memory is strong
One word we never could learn
True love is frozen in time
I’ll be your champion and you will be mine
I will remember you

3) Green Day- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Ok, I don’t want to turn this into a sob fest, so here’s a slightly less sad goodbye song.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos and memories and dead skin on trial
Through what it’s worth it was worth all the while

4) Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me

It’s pretty hard to these days w/ email & social media!

As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
When you walk away

Or will you walk away?

5) Michelle Branch- Goodbye To You

Probably one of my favorite songs by her. I wish I could play it on guitar.

I’ve been searchin’ deep down in my soul
Words that I’m hearin’ are starting to get old
It feels like I’m startin’ all over again

Well, that’s my last contribution to Twisted Mixed Tape. Jen, it’s been a blast. You’ve been a great host & I look forward to see what else you have in store.

Join the Twisted Mixed tape blog hop & share your favorite goodbye songs.

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Recipe Rave: Mint Frozen Yogurt


Frozen yogurt swirlin' away

Frozen yogurt swirlin’ away

My little man is now a toddler & with that comes a lot of picky eating. Overall, he’s like a bottomless pit & eats whatever you put in front of him. Of course just like every other toddler on the planet, he has his moments.

I’ve been a subscriber to the YouTube channel “What’s Up Moms” which offers everything from crafts, to recipes, to even some humor. I watched a video that showcased a frozen yogurt recipe that included spinach, banana, & mint. The original recipe calls for chocolate chips but I excluded it. I’ll probably add it when he’s a bit older.

I bought an ice cream maker for my Kitchen Aid a few years ago and decided to put it to good use with this recipe.


The mint was the star of this dessert. It was cool, refreshing, and just a tad sweet. My son loved it as well. The best part was he had no idea it had spinach in it.

Refreshing & healthy goodness!

Refreshing & healthy goodness!

I made a huge batch and put them in 1 cup containers so I can just thaw one out for a quick afternoon snack. My son loves to feed himself & the yogurt was no exception. He finishes most of it but I’ll happily have a few bites too. Now I’m inspired to use my ice cream maker even more to make sweet treats for my whole family.

You can check out the video below for the recipe.

What are some of your favorite snacks to give to your toddler?

10 Things of Thankful in Mid April


This week was as action packed as the rest. Maybe even more, seeing that I was pretty much out all day on Friday. I love staying busy, and I like that physical therapy is doing me some good, but part of me can’t wait to get discharged so I have time to breathe at night for a change.


1) I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for yoga. I especially love one of my instructors because every time she ends class, she says something that correlates with what I’m going through. A few weeks ago, she gave us all a well wishing to stay protected from internal and external harm. I was starting to go through a healing process at the time so those words resonated well with me. This past week, she urged us all to live in the now. As someone that always worries about the future, this has been a challenge for me. I was extra conscious about her words to us & tried not to worry to much. The perk about being too busy is that I didn’t have time to worry.

2) After a few days of cooler weather, I’m glad Friday was warm and sunny. The little dude and I had a great beach day with friends. Now that it’s officially spring, I want to spend as much time at the beach as I can now that I realize my days in California may be numbered.

3) I know some may doubt me, but I swear amber necklaces work wonders for a teething baby. I always put an amber necklace on Andrew’s ankle when he’s teething & sure enough, he’s in a better mood the next day. For starters, I’m glad I got the necklace on sale. This way, if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t feel bad I spent full price. The way I see it is babies don’t know what the placebo effect is. In my head, the thing actually works!

4) I finally got a long overdue massage. I hadn’t had one since January. I try to get them every 2 months, but the year has just been crazy with the hubs going on frequent business trips & now with my physical therapy schedule. It does make it hard to book things. I’ll try to make a more conscious effort.

5) I’m a little overwhelmed by the response I got to my Finish the Sentence Friday post on turning back time. I appreciate all of your empathy with all I’ve gone through. Maybe one day I’ll share more of my story. For now, I do see how strong this blogger community can be & I’m grateful for that.

6) I will be meeting a friend for lunch today. I know I write this from time to time but I don’t get to see my non mommy friends as much as I used to so I’m thankful for each time I catch up with them which is pretty rare these days.

7) To piggy back on #6, I can’t tell you how excited I am to try a new restaurant. It’s been few & far between these days & my mind is just going crazy searching for a place to eat. Maybe it’s a foodie thing.

8) As I type this, I’m exhausted. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. My husband is making me breakfast & taking care of the baby. Man I’m lucky I picked this one.

9) I never realized how great the kids’ station on Pandora is. I don’t know what it is about it, but it had my son dancing the whole time which allowed me to make dinner a few nights this week.

10) We have appointments with our realtor and the moving company this coming week. As much as I don’t want to leave California, part of me is eager for the next step. I will miss the beach, but it will be nice to be closer to family.

What are you thankful for this week?

Ten Things of Thankful


Going back in time




If I could go back in time, I would tell my dad I preferred ice skating lessons to swimming.

If I could go back in time, I would stand up for myself against everyone who bullied me throughout my life. Being meek never got me anywhere.

If I could go back in time, I would’ve said no to the guy who asked me out in what would become an emotionally abusive relationship. At the very least, I would’ve left at the first sign of trouble.

If I could go back in time, I would pick a different major in college. As much fun as Communication is, it’s a very unstable career and in my neck of the woods, very cutthroat and heartless.

If I could go back in time, I would pay more attention to who my real friends were.

If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t  trust as many people as I did since I’ve wound up getting betrayed more times than I can count.

If I could go back in time, I would’ve not joined any mommy & me classes because I felt inadequate next to the moms who appeared they had it all together. I also would’ve saved myself the hurt of being excluded.

If I could go back in time, I would go with my gut and left at the first sign of a red flag.

If I could go back in time, I would stay busy with skating and taking care of my son so I wouldn’t even have time to deal with drama.

This post is part of Finish The Sentence Friday. What would you do if you could go back in time?

Finish the Sentence Friday

What’s in my car?

This week’s Tuesday Ten topic asks what 10 things I’d find in my car if I was to clean it out right now. I have a toddler, so you can imagine how messy my car can be. So without further ado, here’s my list.

1) Cheerios: Lots of Cheerios. We adjusted the straps of his car seat last week & found a ton of Cheerios in the crevices of the chair.

2) Toys: I keep a container on the floor of the car which has a whole ton of toys for him to play with on the commute. I need to do a better job at rotating his toys since I think he’s getting sick of his car toys.

3) Sunglasses: I keep them in my sunglass compartment so they’re always ready to go.

The giant cable monster in my car

The giant cable monster in my car

4) A giant cable monster: The center console of my car is filled with so many wires. I always tell myself that I need to fix it but forget the minute I get out of my car.

5) Diaper/car bag: I’ve been keeping a spare bag in my car since my son was a few months old. I’ve kept extra blankets, diapering essentials, a spare change of clothes for myself & the little man toys, and a first aid kit.

The junk in my trunk

The junk in my trunk

6) Yoga mat: I always keep this in my trunk so it’s ready to go.

7) Portable high chair: this was a steal at a neighbor’s garage sale. It comes in handy at restaurants that don’t have high chairs.

8) Picnic blanket: That gray square to the left of my yoga mat is the blanket I’ve used for park play dates since Andrew was 2 months old. It’s so lightweight. I know I’ll be using it for years to come.

9) Bottled water: I keep this on hand in case of an emergency.

10) T-shirt: In the very back is a white t-shirt that was given to me by a non profit I volunteered for. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but it’s been there since I bought the car 3 years ago. Oops!

Well I hope my super messy car didn’t make you cringe too much. Join us at Tuesday Ten and let us know some things that’d be in your car if you had to clean it out right now.

The Golden Spoons

These Lyrics are Awesome

This week’s Twisted Mixed Tape is all about songs with great lyrics. When I think of lyrics, I immediately recall back when I was around 8 years old when my dad told me to focus on the lyrics of a song because they tell a story. He said of course some songs are just silly, but most have something to say.

It was an eye opener for me. Up until that point, I had no idea. I’d just listen and dance to music. I feel that since my dad had that talk with me, I’ve paid more attention to the stories that a song tells. Music has been very therapeutic for me. It’s gotten me through a lot. Here are a few songs that have gotten me through rough times, or ones that I plainly enjoy.

1) Christina Aguilera: Fighter

Hands down this is one of my absolute favorite songs. Anytime I’m in a horrible mood, Fighter never fails to turn it all around for me. It’s summed up some of the crap I’ve gone through. “But in the end you’ll see/you won’t stop me”

2) Garbage- The Trick is to Keep Breathing

I love Garbage. They were one of my favorite bands in high school and I wish I got to see them live. To me, this song is about going through some tough times, but just breathe & keep moving forward.

3) Fiona Apple- Fast As You Can

I think Fiona is a great songwriter. This is probably my favorite song by her. I just like the rapid fire delivery of the lyrics. It’s taken some practice, but I love to sing along to it…especially the bridge.

4) Alanis Morissette- Wake Up

I felt this song was a good way to end her Jagged Little Pill album. It’s filled with contradictions and a lot of imagery.

5) Red Hot Chili Peppers- Can’t Stop

I like the flow and delivery of these lyrics. This song holds a special place to me because it’s the last song that played before I broke up with my abusive boyfriend. These days, I feel happy when I hear it.

Today is the second to last Twisted Mixed Tape. I’m a huge fan of music & I’ve enjoyed listening to everyone’s mixes. I do hope this blog hop comes back in some form later in the year.

Join us & share some more songs with genius lyrics!

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