Follow That Food Truck: Ludo Truck

Ah Chef Ludo. I was first introduced to this popular chef when I attended LudoBites 4.0 amidst a bunch of food bloggers and the FoodDigger staff.

I enjoyed my meal and would love to attend another LudoBites but they do fill up quickly so I went for the next best thing, the Ludo Truck.

So when the big red truck (with the equally big red….rooster) rolled into the South Bay, I was thrilled. A date with this truck was long overdue.

Fellow foodies had raved about the honey lavender biscuits but sadly they were gone by the time I got there. Oh well…

What was there however was the chicken strips which I decided to try. The outsides were crunchy, the insides were very moist. The tender meat had a mild je ne sais quoi to it. Literally. I don’t know what it was, I can’t put my finger on it. Even my husband was wondering what they fry the chicken in because it sure didn’t taste like fast food. Whatever it was, it made the crispy strips extra delicious.

The fries were also cooked in the same oil that I still can’t put my finger on. Crispy golden outsides with a hint of salt with a warm & mushy interior. How *do* they do that?

I did like my meal overall although I admit that the price ($8.00) seemed a bit steep for what I got but it is gourmet right? I want to try the biscuits next time the truck comes by. I’ll be sure to be at the front of the line that day. Lesson learned. So I say check out the Ludo Truck. Just don’t come super hungry though because it will take a lot for you to get filled up!

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Follow That Food Truck: Jogasaki Sushi Burrito

Ladies and gentlemen, rumors of the fabled sushi burrito have spread far and wide in the greater LA area. I can assure you it’s real. I have proof.


I finally caught the elusive Jogasaki truck when they stopped at the ADM Eat Fleet. I guess I was super excited because I was the first person in line. Didn’t take long for them to open up though, about 5 mins or so. I survived.


I opted for the lobster burrito wrapped in soy paper which was an additional charge but no biggie. In the end I ended up paying around $10 for lunch. It was an average price for sushi. The sushi did take a little bit to prepare but that’s to be expected anywhere you go.

The taste was all in all very fresh from the soy wrapper to the sticky warm rice and of course the lobster. Really what set it apart from the sushi you’d find elsewhere is how portable it was. It’s eaten like a burrito so it’s unique in that respect. Its taste was on par with other sushi I’ve tried. The burrito just gives it a quirky feel.

I’d try the other offerings that Jogasaki has to offer the next time they come to the South Bay. Yes granted it’s a food truck so the options are obviously limited, but I’d like to try some more. The service was quick and friendly and the sushi had a good taste. Just be sure to bring your appetite if you want to try them out. The portion is very generous and you’ll probably want to save the rest for later.

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Follow That Food Truck: Tapa Boy Truck

I like the El Segundo Auto & Driving Museum’s food truck lot simply because it’s an ever rotating set of food trucks that’s close to where I skate so I don’t have to go too far. It’s also not as crazy as South Bay Din Din a Go Go which I love but this one is definitely geared to those with a short lunch break.


I was very happy when Tapa Boy was coming to ADM. It’s been a while since a Filipino food truck has come to the South Bay and I was eager. I’m thankful that members of my family have passed down Filipino recipes so when I go to a Filipino food truck, I order things I can’t make!


This time I ordered Pork Tocino, a sweet cured meat with some warm garlic rice sitting underneath an over easy egg that oozed out a golden yolk over the rice.

The meal really brought me back to my mom’s kitchen where she’d make this for me most mornings. It’s definitely my kind of comfort food. The sauce accompaniment was spicy as I found out the hard way but thankfully I didn’t douse it all over my meal. I would just enjoy it as is with the meat, rice, and egg.

It was a very delicious lunch that truly hit the spot. I can’t wait for the next time Tapa Boy comes to the South Bay!

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Food Trucks Galore: Auntie’s Fry Bread & Lomo Arigato Review

So this past week, I was spoiled by the food trucks. The first one that I saw was the Lomo Arigato truck. You’ll have to forgive me for not posting the picture of the actual truck as seriously, it was on a whim. Decided to meet the hubs after I had my skates worked on & BAM we wound up at the ADM Eat Fleet in El Segundo.

And I ordered the Tri Tip Saltado ($9)

I admit that I was taken aback by the price. Seemed steep. I did get my money’s worth as the portion was so huge! They only serve 3 things on this truck but it was cooked well. My only confusion was that I didn’t detect any Japanese influence, it was straight Peruvian to me, similar to El Pollo Inka.

Later on that week, we went to South Bay Din Din A Go Go. My main reason was to try Tapa Boy & The Buttermilk Truck.
Well, as Murphy’s Law would have it, both trucks cancelled as we pulled into the parking lot. So we looked at the choices…
The amusing Egg Slut was there, but the line was pretty long and I didn’t feel like having eggs…
However, Auntie’s Fry Bread came to the rescue! It was another truck on my list to try so I gave it a shot. I tried the special which was BBQ chicken flatbread. As I waited, I was able to catch a glimpse of the staff making the fry bread. It was good to know it was made from scratch.

I was clearly eating with my eyes. That flatbread was truly more than I could handle. I loved the sweet BBQ sauce but felt the chicken could’ve used a bit more seasoning. If I see this truck again, I’ll be sure to get the smaller flatbread sliders. For $7 bucks I did get my money’s worth, and a full stomach.

For dessert I had their sweet flatbread with maple syrup. It’s similar to a sopapilla if you’ve ever had those. A bit dense but still tasty. Not a huge fan of maple syrup in general. Would’ve preferred fresh fruit. Again, there’s always next time.

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Waffles De Liege Truck

Ah waffles… a favorite breakfast staple…. but throw on some ice cream & it’s even more fun. Enter the Waffles De Liege truck. Out of all the trucks at Din Din a Go Go, it had the longest line.

The menu included many delicious toppings like nutella, strawberries, caramel, and an ever changing ice cream selection so it made it hard to decide… on the other hand, it made a return trip a possibility.

After waiting in a long line, you’d think we’d have enough time to make a decision…nope! Because honestly, it all looked good. Flavors and toppings would also sell out as we waited which didn’t make it easier but we picked a waffle with french vanilla ice cream, nutella & fresh strawberries. Now, this wasn’t your typical Eggo. This was the real deal. A hot, fresh and sweet waffle, ice cream, nutella & strawberry created a explosion of yum in my mouth. The long line was totally worth it in the end. I can’t wait for them to come back to the South Bay!

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The Takoyaki Truck

A few weeks ago, I went to my first South Bay Din Din a Go Go. I am so glad more food trucks are coming to my stomping grounds rather than me chasing them around. What’s takoyaki? It’s Japanese street food…. octopus balls!

The technique looked very simple. One of the workers poured the mixture of eggs, flour, octopus pieces, and veggies into something that looked like a muffin tin on a griddle. After a few moments, he simply twirled around each serving into a ball shape.

These golden beauties arrived piping hot & sadly in a flimsy plastic container that wouldn’t stay still which is tough when there’s not many places to sit since it’s a food truck fest, not a restaurant. The food itself was decent. I’m glad I tried it once. I would eat it again in the future but I won’t go out of my way for it. However, it was something unique, which I liked.

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I’m Phamished

The truck had eluded me. I’d catch it unexpectedly, and have a full stomach. Was it not meant to be?

I was wrong! I finally caught the  Eat Phamish truck at West High’s food truck fundraiser right here in my own backyard.

It was a beautiful day in the South Bay. With that being said, the truck wasn’t serving pho that day (either that or they sold out by the time I got there) well that just means I’ll have to try the truck at a later, cooler time, right?

However, a good selection of Banh Mi sandwiches, Bun (vermicelli) and spring rolls were available.

I settled on the  lemongrass pork banh mi. At $6 for a foot long filled with garlic mayo, daikon, and pickled carrots, it was a good deal, and something different from the usual lunch.

I liked the light heat that the pork had. However, the heat only got higher as I got to the end of the sandwich! It wasn’t like smoke was coming of my ears but it was noticeable! I guess I shouldn’t guzzle down my water before finishing the sandwich next time.

I’m glad to finally catch this elusive truck! I’ll definitely be back for the banh mi, the bun, and hopefully, finally the pho!

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Ice Cream Truck Revisited: Coolhaus


True these little pieces of bliss may be a little pricey but it’s worth it to indulge every now and again. A clever edible wrapper not only caught all of the melting ice cream but also was a nice way to end this experience. Again, not needed but nice to have.

I’m glad to see more food trucks in the South Bay. I know I’ll pay this one a visit once the weather gets warmer. There’s so many other flavors that I’d love to try!

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Fish Lips Sushi Truck

It was only a year ago when I would often comment on how the South Bay is the forgotten neighborhood that the food trucks just pass on by.


One year later, I’m happy to say that things have changed! Many food trucks are now making their way to the beach cities. I would no longer have to brave LA’s famous traffic to catch one of these meals on wheels. Instead, I’d just have to take a short trip to the other side of town. My patience & car are very thankful!

Fish Lips Sushi made its way to El Segundo and I knew I had to give it a try. I loved sushi, and I couldn’t resist having some in mobile form. In addition to sushi, they also offered many traditional Japanese fare in bento box form and even some teriyaki dishes. I really loved how they had calorie information posted on their menus. It was very helpful to people such as me who are watching their waist!


My crunchy roll came out just a few minutes after I ordered. being a sushi fan, I know that the wait would be a little longer as they obviously have to handcraft the rolls for you.

The rolls came in the familiar plastic box that sushi is served at grocery stores. The difference however was that this batch was very fresh and it showed. The rice & fillings were warm, it made it easier to eat since the rice wasn’t hard and cold like it is in most supermarket varieties.

My sushi meal totally hit the spot. The workers were very friendly and it was a nice breath of fresh air from the normal fast food.

If Fish Lips comes to your neighborhood, it’s worth checking out. Just note it will take a few minutes more for your sushi to be prepared since they do make it all on the spot.

As with all food trucks, don’t forget to bring your cash with you!


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Grilled Cheese Truck Review

Lately I’ve found that Los Angeles has many food trucks. I was first introduced to the idea of food trucks when I just moved here back in 2006. Back then my mom told me about this taco truck that she’d like for me to try. I didn’t think anything of it and for the most part, those were the only types of trucks I’d see in the area. That is until I started this blog and joined Twitter. Through other foodie blogs, and Twitter, I found out that in addition to taco trucks, LA offers a plethora of trucks.

The grilled cheese truck is the first of many I’ve set out to review.

Grilled Cheese Truck

I arrived at Sunset and Cole at 11:45 and immediately spotted the yellow truck that would serve the most simple, yet comforting sandwich. I started taking pictures when one of the staff started to set up. Two women joined the line and asked the man whose idea this was? I stopped to listen. I didn’t get his name but he kindly said “It was me, I’m the one behind all this!” He went on to state that he started this grilled cheese truck as a side gig. He didn’t think that it would turn out to get this popular; that the line frequently gets long within 15 minutes of opening. We asked him how he picks his locations and he said that CNN (where the truck was stationed that day) and MySpace have asked him to come back. He also said the locations change frequently.

Sandwiches and Sides

The Grilled Cheese Truck offers a few new takes on this classic sandwich. From caprese to cheesy mac, and harvest melt, and even a dessert sandwich too. They also offer many add ons like tomatoes and avocados as well as popular sides like pickles and tater tots. All the sandwiches could be ordered on white or wheat.

Another view of the truck

Juices, water, and soda are available and the truck is also equipped with many condiments. Be sure to take a few napkins, you will need them!

I was glad to be the third person in line as corporate workers and students alike started breaking for lunch and joined me in line. The staff member was very pleasant and took my order and settled my bill. Be sure to bring cash! I cannot stress that enough. It’s a truck… there’s no machine processing.

After waiting a few moments, my sandwich was ready.

Caprese Sandwich

The Caprese Sandwich was very warm ,the mozzarella cheese was very gooey, and the basil was very fresh. My only complaint on this sandwich would be that it fell apart easily due to the tomatoes. If you’re going to order this sandwich, I suggest to eat it as soon as you can. I just walked across the street to eat and it was already falling apart. I got my husband a cheesy mac sandwich and it held together well on my drive home to the South Bay area, about 30 minutes.

My bottom line? If the truck happens to be by you, or if you’re like me and like to go on a wild goose chase for these mobil meals, be sure to give this truck a try. At $4- $6 a sandwich, you can’t go wrong. Parking on Sunset and Cole is mostly coin operated 1 hour meters which to my surprise were in abundance. There are also some parking lots at the LA Film School a few blocks away and another one next to Amoeba music, all within walking distance of the truck.


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