Restaurant Review: Sushi Gone Wild Torrance, CA

Sushi Gone Wild, like many restaurants in Torrance is located in a strip mall. Tucked away from Pacific Coast Highway, it’s very easy to miss. Luckily, a friend of mine suggested we meet there for lunch so I got to experience it for myself.

Broccoli & Edamame at Sushi Gone Wild Torrance, CA

Broccoli & Edamame at Sushi Gone Wild Torrance, CA

While waiting for my friend, the server brought over some steamed broccoli and edamame. Always happy to see a freebie, I gave it a try. Unfortunately, the broccoli was ice cold. The edamame on the other hand was fine, just needed a bit more salt in my opinion. I was hoping this wasn’t a prelude to the meal.

As luck would have it, I was proven wrong. We ordered the Torrance roll that was composed of yellow tail & crab, the Redondo roll that was salmon, avocado, and albacore, and the calamari roll. In addition, we ordered eel, octopus and salmon sushi.

Torrance roll, Redondo roll, and Calamari roll Torrance, CA

The rolls all provided a unique taste. The fish itself was fairly fresh and the sauce on the calamari roll and the eel sushi was the perfect complement. The service was average at this restaurant. The server was quick at taking our order and refilling our drinks when needed but nothing was out of the ordinary. One drawback was the check took long to be presented to us, a pet peeve of mine. Sushi Gone Wild has lunch specials for those in the area looking to take a break from the office for a quick getaway for some Japanese cuisine.

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