Restaurant Review: Saigon Flavor Torrance, CA

Saigon Flavor was another one of those restaurants that I would frequently pass on a daily basis as I went about my day. They would frequently advertise lunch specials & pho on big banners. I finally decided to check it out this week. Upon entering, I noticed that the place was filled with plastic flowers and shrubbery everywhere. The tables were glass, the dining room was cramped & the restaurant was rather humid. I was actually beginning to wonder if they were trying to recreate the climate in Vietnam.

Several minutes passed before the server gave us magazine sized menus. What helped were all of the pictures of the food. We decided what we wanted to order & the server returned a few more minutes later to take the food and drink order. Once again, several minutes passed before we got our drinks. With only one server running the entire floor with only 2 other tables that had already gotten their meals, I could see we were off to a bad start.

Flank Steak Pho at Saigon Flavor

My food & my husband’s were brought to the table separately. I always feel odd eating before the other people in my party. I had a medium sized portion of flank beef pho ($7). The portion was almost too large for me. I could only imagine what the large portion would look like! I did like my pho. It tasted even better with a little fresh lime juice and basil that was provided on the side. I thought it could use just a little more pepper.

Our server didn’t come back to check on us at all and didn’t even present us the bill. We waited about ten minutes after we were through to find our server. At this point, we were the only table in the restaurant & our server was just doing sidework at a corner table. We got our check but when we asked for a take out box for my husband’s food, we were told that they were out, despite several other take out orders that were presented in the boxes recently. It was an odd thing to run out of early in the evening service.

Needless to say I won’t be coming back here. Such a shame because it’s nearby. One day I hope to find a decent restaurant that’s near me!

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