Restaurant Review: Tammie’s Cornerhouse Cafe Hermosa Beach,CA

Tammie’s Corner House Cafe, formerly known as Jitters is an independently owned eatery that every neighborhood needs. Tammie’s serves breakfast daily from opening to 4pm and offers a wide selection from omelets, to eggs, pancakes, french toast, crepes, international fare like huevos rancheros and chorizo sausage with eggs. One of the most popular breakfast items are the softball sized homemade muffins. For lunch, which is served all day, try a soup, a sandwich, make a combo of the two, or perhaps try a wet burrito or quesadilla. Their dinner menu has an Italian flair offering steak scaloppini, blackened chicken pasta, and pork chops with a tarragon mustard cream sauce.

If all of this selection is not enough, they also offer a wide array of smoothies and hot and iced coffees, mocha, and lattes.

Tammie's Cornerhouse Cafe Patio

Tammie's Cornerhouse Cafe Has A Pet Friendly Patio

After being seated promptly on their dog friendly patio, our server greeted us and mentioned that they have a full espresso bar just like Starbucks and proceeded to take our order.

Mocha Latte at Tammie's Cornerhouse Cafe

Mocha Latte at Tammie's Cornerhouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach

The mocha latte arrived shortly in a mug which was a refreshing break from the paper cup. The milk was just the right temperature and had a nice froth to it. The chocolate was rich but not overpowering either. It was a good balance.

Huevos Rancheros at Tammie's Cornerhouse Cafe

Huevos Rancheros at Tammie's Cornerhouse Cafe

Moments later, the huevos rancheros arrived accompanied by Spanish style rice, refried beans, and fresh salsa. The eggs and tortillas were fresh and warm, and needed a bit more spice which is thankfully what the salsa provided. The rice was moist with the right amount of flavor. The refried beans, covered in cheese were just alright, nothing over the top. All in all the dish was a very generous portion that hit the spot. All it needed was a little more of a kick to it. Ordering it with extra salsa and or tabasco sauce would be a good option.

The check was presented and settled quickly. It was a pleasant experience that will happen again in the near future.

For fresh food, fast service, generous portions, and a wonderful atmosphere, Tammie’s is the place to be. The average menu price is $5- $10. Tammie’s accepts cash and Visa and Mastercards.┬áMetered street parking is available. Please allow extra time for parking on Friday- Sunday.
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5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Tammie’s Cornerhouse Cafe Hermosa Beach,CA

  1. This place sounds good! But dog friendly…being a dog-hater (sorry to all dog-lovers), that makes me wary…I’ve had too many bad dog experiences (usually the damn owners’ fault!)

    But for the sake of those softball sized homemade muffins….I’ll brave the attempt! (just need a ride, haha)

  2. Hey Tammie here, what a great review! We’d love to thank you! Come on by and some how prove you’re the author and we’ll buy you breakfast, and send you home with a softball sized muffin! Thanks again, Tammie.