Ocean Diner

Yes, Ocean Diner was yet another place I’d mean to visit but never got a chance to, until a few weekends ago. The line stretched out the door as I had grown accustomed to seeing. However, the wait wasn’t too long though.

What attracts me to diners is that they seem so comforting. All the nostalgic decor just made me wanna randomly hug someone!

The flip side to diners? The food is pretty greasy… however here at Ocean Diner they do feature a section for those like me who like the diner atmosphere but may not necessarily like the greasy food, or like the greasy food but don’t have the time to run it off!

Along with my fresh cup of coffee, I had their new menu item, the High Protein Breakfast ($11.50) with a buttery teriyaki glazed salmon, egg whites, brown rice, and corn tortillas. Talk about a good way to start the morning. I couldn’t get enough of the salmon. My other favorite part of the dish was the warm corn tortillas. It was one of those meals that I finished so quickly because it was just that good.

So needless to say, the Ocean Diner didn’t disappoint. Next time I’ll have to try something from their pastry case!

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