Old Torrance Coffee

I like supporting local businesses. It just gives me a good feeling. I stumbled upon Old Torrance Coffee & Tea a year ago and I remember really liking it, but sadly I kept forgetting to go back. I was in the area so I of course walked on in.
And they had a cute and colorful menu board


a comfy couch…


of course the obligatory coffee shop bongo drums…


and all that jazz.

It was pretty busy on that sunny afternoon. Most of the patio was full. However, I decided to take full advantage of the comfy furniture as I curled up with my iced vanilla latte. ($3.70)


It was pretty sweet already but not to the point where it felt like it was rotting my teeth thankfully! Not too strong either, just the way I like it. I enjoyed my drink as well as the free WiFi. I did like the old feel of the small shop, the brick walls providing some ambiance. It was a very chill vibe. The staff didn’t make me feel rushed or anything. I’ll have to try their specialty drinks and teas soon. Maybe even their sandwiches.

The prices are fairly reasonable and the parking is free, and they have live music on the weekends sometimes so that enough gives me reason to come back.


I was surprised they’d only been around for a year! With how busy it was you’d think it was an old local favorite. However, I’m glad they’ve been successful especially at a time like this & I wish them many more years to come.

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