Torrance Bakery

I love Old Torrance. I do need to go there more often. There’s just something about the narrow streets, the style of the buildings, the layout which just makes things seem so laid back despite being in a sprawling town. Just traveling less than 10 minutes takes me away from all that craziness for just a little bit.

I’m glad that they’re planning on revitalizing Old Torrance because it has a lot of potential. There are many closed shops down there but the one that you can count on having steady business all day long is the Torrance Bakery.


It’s not glitzy, far from it. Maybe that’s why it has such appeal. It’s just a humble little bakery with an open kitchen where you can see the bakers at work. Next door, you can see a nice display of wedding cakes that look so good, it makes me want to buy one just for fun.

We went there after lunch but it was still pretty busy. However, the line moved quickly. The staff was friendly and patient despite the frenzy.

Strawberry was the theme of the day. We each got a strawberry slice and a strawberry cupcake. The slice had toasted coconut which went surprisingly well with the buttercream frosting and the fresh strawberry. It was a bit rich so it took me two sittings to finish it. Not that I minded. The muffin also had buttercream frosting with some strawberry filling. I can’t put my finger on it but the filling wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. Overall it was a good cupcake but next time I’d just stick with the slice. With a decent variety, I’ll be back for more in a few weeks time.

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