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If there’s one thing I’ve been on the lookout for, it’d be pho. Spending my high school & college years in FL, pho just seemed like something so exotic. I probably don’t have to tell you this, but we didn’t have any Vietnamese or Asian Fusion restaurants in little ol’ Brandon, FL, at least during the time I lived there.

I did try it once at Noodle Planet when I just moved here. I remember it not having too much flavor at all and my mom giving me a hard time for ordering a seafood pho instead of the traditional beef one.

That was the last time I had pho & have been on the lookout since. I remember seeing a pho sign along Crenshaw Bl in Torrance and that’s when I finally stopped at Bamboo Song 2, yes an Asian Fusion restaurant.

It was clear from the moment I walked in that yes this was a fast food Asian place. Definitely not 100% authentic but when you’re on a lunch break, that part doesn’t really matter. With that being said, I knew not to be disappointed if the pho didn’t taste just right but it was a good starting point. The service was quick, and the tiny place was kept clean. It was a good setting.
I had the Saigon Special which was filled with flank steak, brisket, noodles,and of course cilantro and bean sprouts. At the table was a good variety of soy sauce and hot sauce to season the meal to your liking.
I ordered the small and let me tell you, that was just enough for me! I couldn’t imagine finishing a larger size. The broth was just the right balance of sweet and savory and the beef would pull apart easily, a good sign. While I know this was probably not an authentic pho, it did just fine for my first taste of pho in this blog.

Bamboo Song 2
24202 Crenshaw Blvd,
Torrance, CA, 90505


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2 thoughts on “Bamboo Song Torrance, CA

  1. From what I have heard from a friend who is South-Bay-Savvy: Good Pho doesn’t exist here, we have to go to China Town. I’m super interested, too, in exploring the ramen joints that everyone is raving about…