Izzy’s Deli Santa Monica, CA

I went to Izzy’s two days in a row simply because it was located right next to the MacMall where I was taking a seminar. On both days, I arrived at exactly noon. The restaurant was buzzing, almost at full capacity. I was seated quickly. Several minutes later, an elderly woman approached me and simply said “ok sweetie” with pen & paper in hand, ready to take my order. No introduction, no suggestions, nothing. After telling her what I wanted to drink, I continued to look at the menu.

Like most New York style restaurants, this one had its share of many types of sandwiches, soups, salads, and comfort style foods.

The menu was a bit overwhelming, either that or I was just too hungry and it took me a while to decide. I finally selected the soup & sandwich combo with a turkey sandwich & matzo ball soup. If this was a NY deli, they better do this right.

While waiting for my meal, I looked at all the NY theme pictures: the brooklyn bridge, the twin towers, the manhattan skyline, it was all there, plus pictures with celebrities.
The sandwich & soup arrived within 15 minutes. The sandwich was overloaded with turkey but was unfortunately a bit dry. Thankfully there was a selection of mustard & ketchup at my table to help with that.
The matzo ball soup on the other hand was absolutely wonderful! It was very tasty & not salty at all, just the way I like it! It was such a large portion too. Great to the last spoonful.

Again the server just dropped off the bill & walked away. Wasn’t personable at all but she was efficient from the time I was seated to the time the bill was settled.
Day two was a similar experience in that it was a busy day and the servers were not that personable. This time I ordered the bagels and lox which was wonderful! The bagel I’m happy to say was very chewy & almost, almost NY like but not 100%. It was better than stale though.

Although day two’s server was also not so personable, he would at least smile when he dropped off my food and the check.

All in all this place has decent food, albeit a little bit overpriced. It is a good place to go if you need to eat & run as the staff is well prepared for large crowds. Its also a good place for a late night meal or snack.

Izzy’s deli accepts all method of payments. It has a valet parking lot behind it, be sure to carry extra cash. Izzy’s is open 24 hours a day.

I give Izzy’s *** out of 5 stars.
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