Seafood Town Torrance

Remember that Chinese Food Challenge from last year? Well I’ve decided to eat at a few more places and I came close to finding a great place….there were a few go to’s but nothing outstanding.

So we started our evening with some egg rolls & the obligatory tea. The tea tasted just like any other found at a Chinese restaurant but that doesn’t discount how soothing and refreshing it is. The egg rolls were quite warm and very crunchy. The portion was just the right size.

I ordered a scallop birds nest for my entree. I’ve heard a lot about the birds nest but have rarely seen it on a menu which is why I went for it. I love fried noodles as much as the next person but I do wish they were seasoned a bit more. The whole dish was also fresh but to be honest, I could eat it much better without the noodle nest although it made for great presentation.

The service was very efficient and the dining room was kept clean. While the food was tasty, there were really no stand out dishes that night. I will continue to look for good Chinese food places in the South Bay but it’s nice to know that there’s one with decent food close by.

Lookin for moreĀ Asian restaurants?

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2 thoughts on “Seafood Town Torrance

  1. It’s hard to find good Chinese food around my area, too. But I recently went to Mama Lu’s at Monterey Park, and OHMIGOD. Could not stop stuffing my mouth!! My friend and I ordered four dishes and not a scrap was left.