Tender Greens

“If you’re in Culver you NEED to go to Tender Greens” is what I’ve heard for the last 3 years. So I finally made it. When I got there, the line was out the door, I guess their friends all told them to check it out too. Although the line was long, it moved quickly. The dining area was full inside but thankfully there were a few tables ready outside.

My grilled prawn salad came out momentarily. The prawns looked like they were hiding in the giant shrub on my plate. While it was a very good salad, it left me wanting more. Yes it was a healthy dinner option, and I still laugh that Honey’s Kettle is just a few doors down. The service was great and the place was clean. I guess for $10.50 I was expecting this salad to knock my socks off. Maybe next time I’ll try one of their sandwiches or soups & see how it goes. As for right now, I’ll stick to healthy fare in the South Bay.
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6 thoughts on “Tender Greens

  1. They do have pretty good salads. I’ve had a few things that were catered from there, and I liked a handful of the dishes. Too bad your salad was disappointing though. It’s a bummer when you spend money on food and still feel noshy!

    • Yeah I’ll try something else next time. Hope it’ll be better