Giant Portions, Good Value, The Loft

It had been a long time since I had Hawaiian food, authentic or otherwise. I decided to give The Loft in Torrance a try. The building is a dreary grey. Definitely not what I think of when it comes to Hawaii. Whatever their reason for painting the building like this, I just hoped that the dreary feel ended on the outside of the place.

The restaurant was buzzing with life on a Saturday lunch. The dreariness thankfully went away. However, the lighting did seem a bit dim. I was just glad there were no tacky Hawaiian decorations on the walls. Our server was quick to take our drink order as we looked at the menu which had much of the same line up of Hawaiian food that I’ve seen from similar restaurants including Lomi salmon, kalua pork, and the ever popular loco moco.

I chose the saimin noodles with Korean beef. Generous portion would be an understatement. There were so many noodles on the dish that if if wasn’t for the rim of the plate, I wouldn’t know what color it was!

If you follow this blog, you know that I point out if a dish isn’t greasy. Well, in this case, it was the opposite. Thankfully it wasn’t stomach ache material but it was definitely there. I didn’t care for the side of macaroni salad it came with in contrast to the rest of the meal, it was veery bland & really didn’t have much flavor at all Between the soft noodles, juicy beef, and yes, the grease, I got full right away!

The good news was that I knew what I’d be having for lunch the next day. The restaurant got even more packed as we were starting to leave so I say we had pretty good timing.

The Loft may not have bona fide Hawaiian food but it was one of the better ones I’ve been to. Also large portions at a reasonable price are a good reason to check it out.

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