Vienna Cafe Falls Flat

Let me preface this by saying I’m not one to blast a restaurant. After all, the damn industry took 10 years of my life. With that being said, I tend to give the wait staff the benefit of the doubt.

Sadly, that can’t be said for the Vienna Cafe on Melrose. We saw that the patio was packed. A good sign, right? Well, not so much.

After being seated, our server must have said “I’ll be right with you” and “I’ll be right back” a dozen times. She did however manage to take our drink order during one of those many exchanges. The orange juice did taste freshly squeezed. I will give them that. However, it was all down hill from that point.

With the servers frantically running through the restaurant and squeezing between each narrow row of tables, it made for a very nervous atmosphere. The ambiance was practically non existent. The words Vienna and cafe evoke a certain European flair. Sadly in its place was Empire Records meets your every day greasy spoon. The servers seemed like they would rather be somewhere else and were completely inattentive.

Our server brought us fresh bread and some tapenade consisting of tomatoes & peppers in garlic which was fairly decent. We should have filled up on bread as we waited…and waited for our food.

The dining room wasn’t busy despite the servers frantic demeanor. With that being said, the food should have come out steadily. We were wrong. Faces turned long at several of the tables. A few even walked out. I timed it & it was 45 minutes since we placed our order. We were about to give up & go to the Subway across the street when we were presented our food…finally.


My Lobster Eggs Benedict looked rather sad. The plate was extremely hot indicating it baking under the heat lamp. However, the hollandaise sauce had coagulated. I cut through the sauce covered egg and instead of it oozing on out, it just sat there. I took my first bite and yes, the food was cold. I in my entire adult dining out life have NEVER come across a cold meal that wasn’t a salad. I was flabbergasted. ┬áThe hollandaise tasted like someone substituted dijon mustard instead. The “lobster” if you could call it that didn’t taste like anything at all. The bread? Slightly stale and pitiful. This was a meal gone wrong in every sense of the word. To add insult to injury, our server never checked on us.

I was thoroughly disappointed by our meal & I wasn’t the only one that experienced that kind of service unfortunately. I definitely won’t be returning nor would I recommend it to any of my friends. Skip this one.

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2 thoughts on “Vienna Cafe Falls Flat

  1. Wow, that is a very sad looking eggs Benedict….I visualize like on Kitchen Nightmares, the cooks in the back freaking out, and everyone yelling at each other….ugh!!! Seriously you have WAY more patience then me, I mean Wwwwaaaaayyyy more!!!!

    • It totally should be on Kitchen Nightmares! The servers had no sense of urgency at all. We were literally about to tell our server we were leaving when she had our meals in her hands. It was just really bad… but I’m not “Rants n Raves” for nothin!