Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance CA


The word hybrid has been tossed around lately. Most of the time it’s associated with cars or perhaps fruit. However, hotels may be the next word associated with hybrids in the years to come.


The California sunshine is used to its full potential in the hotel

Miyako Hybrid Hotel located in Torrance opened last December. Hybrid comes from the use of traditional as well as modern ways to operate a facility. For instance, 97 solar panels aid in providing the hotel much of its power. Spa Relaken utilizes bamboo & other materials produced by the earth. The hotel makes much use of the California sun by illuminating the property with natural light. Adding to the local scene, images of historic Torrance decorate the floors. All the rooms’ walls are composed of cork. Recycle bins are also available in each room. A unique feature is the key card operating the lights. Once the keycard is removed, the lights turn off, again conserving electricity.

Located in the hotel is Gonpachi restaurant. Although the property is under a year old, the restaurant at least has proven to be popular with the local businesses.

Piping hot miso soup

Lunch features a traditional Japanese menu and includes fresh salad each guest can handcraft to their liking as well as a bowl of soup.


Cold noodles served with a mushroom sauce


The cold noodles were a dish I had never tried and proved to be an interesting experience. Noodles are dipped in a broth which was rather sweet. The meal was out of the ordinary & provided a refreshing change from the practically Americanized offerings found at most Japanese restaurant.

Green tea ice cream & mochi

The green tea mochi was perhaps something that needed a little more time for my taste buds to get used to. There were no complaints about the dish in itself but rather the taste of the tea was something I needed to get used to outside of a glass or mug.

The hotel and restaurant provided a wonderful break in the day. Although I wasn’t far from home, I felt as if I traveled many miles away.

Gonpachi in Los Angeles on Fooddigger
Gonpachi - Torrance on Urbanspoon

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  2. It is funny that a stay in a hotel can make you feel like you’ve traveled so far from home…even if it’s less than 20 miles away. The spa sounds like just the experience we all need.

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