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Spring has finally sprung here in the South Bay. With warmer weather, comes frozen treats. I of course always look for something different. I heard about a brand new frozen custard place that opened up right here in Redondo, so I had to check it out. I’ve only heard about frozen custard and how good it was over the last few years. Never knew where to find a place, or just forgot about it. Now that I came across an announcement about this place, I jumped at the chance.

Rita’s is located in the Whole Foods plaza in Redondo next to Ham Supreme. Fresh Brothers & Smashburger are also there so if you like to have dessert before your meal, there’s plenty of places to eat!

I went to check it out on a Friday afternoon. School had just let out & of course the place was just jam packed with kids. Thankfully, the line moved pretty fast despite this. Also, the place was pretty clean despite the chaos.

Rita’s offers traditional Italian ice, cream ice, which is similar to ice cream, gelati: Italian ice & custard, and a misto & blendini. One is a shake, the other similar to a DQ Blizzard.

Cookies & Cream + Frozen Custard = Yum

I went with a Blendini made with cookies & cream cream ice & frozen custard. What I got was a cup of cold, nice & creamy deliciousness! I like the cream ice because it wasn’t grainy & definitely not syrupy at all. The custard was very rich. All & all a tasty treat. Something different & I’ll be back for more.

I’m so glad I finally got to try some frozen custard. This was only Rita’s soft launch. So far so good. Their grand opening event is on May 17th 10am-10pm. Be sure to check it out!
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