Second Story Manhattan Beach, CA

Not the most spectacular restaurant ever, but not terrible. I did like the decor of the restaurant, the comfy chairs, and the muted colors on the walls & furniture.
We seated ourselves as the sign at the front instructed. We were greeted by 3 different people, always not a good sign, but I shrugged it off.

Baked Brie

Started off with the baked brie, which was so good. The combo of the melted cheese & the flaky pastry was just heavenly. Pair that with the crackers & fruit that accompanied it & you have the perfect combo.


Next up, I had the seafood bouillabaisse. This was only my second time having a bouillabaisse in my life, and it was pretty tasty. Of course I don’t have much to compare it to, but shellfish and a warm & tasty broth on a crisp wintry night really hit the spot.
Finally, we had the bread pudding with bananas & caramel. The caramel & bananas gave the otherwise mediocre bread pudding a light sweetness. A good way to end the meal.
So, I had a tasty dinner, so why the middle of the road rating? Well, the service is what killed it. We waited so long between each course & our server was nowhere to be found half the time. She rarely checked on us & I had to flag her down every time I wanted refills. I didn’t see any managers walking the floor either. It was also a slow night, so I don’t understand the slow service. I was definitely expecting more considering how it’s in Manhattan Beach. I would just come back for their happy hour & appetizers, but probably wouldn’t do a full out dinner again unless I had a lot of time on my hands….and brought my own water ;)

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