Yum Thai Redondo Beach, CA

I finally get to write this review. It started when I set out to review Pasta Kitchen. To my dismay, I saw a sign on the door that said they were closing. So for the last year, I’d see a sign that a new Thai restaurant was opening. It wasn’t until late last year that it finally happened.

Walking in, I just simply wanted Yum Thai to live up to its name. The vibe was very friendly and mellow. They had so many Thai favorites that it made it pretty hard to choose from. I usually go with the noodles, but I was in the mood for something different. Their Thai Chicken dish caught my eye so I decided to try it out.

Thai Chicken

The chicken was fall of the bone tender. I liked how the skin sealed in the moisture of the meat. The dish was served with a nice sized side of curry sauce. I’ve always been nervous about curry. It’s really been hit or miss since I don’t like spicy food. This one was definitely a hit. Sweet & tangy with a nice kick at the end. Just right for me!

The service was great throughout my visit. Servers were very friendly & also had warm smiles on their faces. They kept up with drink refills & bussing tables. The menu averaged at $8.50 a dish. Not bad at all. The portions were just enough for one meal. I wouldn’t be taking anything home for lunch the next day but that was fine by me. It’s always nice to find another Thai restaurant. So for me, Yum Thai lived up to its name. Can’t wait to try more of their dishes!

What’s your favorite Thai restaurant?

Yum Thai

1888 1/2 Pacific Coast Hwy

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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2 thoughts on “Yum Thai Redondo Beach, CA

    • This definitely ranks up there. The dish was super healthy. I’d go back just for that dish again. I can’t seem to find it at any other Thai places nearby.