Fishbonz Grill Torrance, CA

So I admit, from the font of the sign, and the area it’s in, I was expecting a fancy seafood restaurant. However, Fishbonz has a very casual atmosphere. It’s very similar to Malibu Fish Grill, California Fish Grill, and Grillish with its selection of fish served fried, grilled, in a salad, wrap, or bowl.

So yes, while it may have a similar concept to some restaurants in the area, it still was pretty popular. The proof was all the tables inside were packed with people. Thankfully there was room on the outside (heated) patio!

I got the Fried Catsfish with fries. Hey, it’s the holidays, right? Let’s face it, there’s no better way to eat catfish than fried. This one did impress me from the first bite on. It was crispy and fresh out of the fryer. I had to wait a bit to eat it since it was so hot, but I didn’t mind. The fries were also golden and crisp. Thankfully, I didn’t feel too full, or guilty once I finished my meal.

So while this restaurant has similarities, I am glad that there’s a casual fish grill that’s close to me. I especially cannot wait to try the Barramundi at a future time, since I haven’t had it since I was in Sydney last year. I was surprised to see it on the menu for sure, ¬†and its definitely something you don’t see every day, so there will be a second trip. If that wasn’t enough, they also have a taco night that I’ll be sure to check out. Can’t ever turn down tacos!

Have you been to Fishbonz? What’s your favorite casual fish restaurant?

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