Redondo Beach Mexican Crawl

So as some of you know, I write for the Redondo Beach Patch.

This week, I’ve decided to include the reviews I wrote over there for you to check out.

First there’s Casa Pulido, a long time family owned Mexican restaurant that was used as the South Bay base for Ludo Bites America. However, when I went, it was all no fuss, reasonable prices, and popular with the locals.

Then check out Las Brisas, another longstanding restaurant. Friendly staff, great margaritas and serving the Mexican classics.

I also wrote a mini review on Las Brisas’ even more casual sister restaurant, Calimex. This was a Taste of Artesia event, so the menu was limited to tacos & quesadillas, but that was enough to make me try the real thing.

What are your favorite Mexican restaurants in the South Bay? Any I should check out?

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