Restaurant Review: Hot’s Kitchen

Hot’s Kitchen is located at the same site that Ken & Kent’s, a New York deli once stood. I was curious to try this new place, and it did seem weird at first to go into a restaurant with the same layout but of course some changes from what it was before.

I loved how bright and airy the place was. Letting in a whole lot of that California sun we all love is a major plus. The atmosphere was casual but chic with its high top tables, bare lightbulb fixtures over the bar, pipes used as railings, and earthy color scheme. One of the walls had an assortment of pictures of the beach that was only a block away. I found myself glancing over at the pics every now and again. I really can’t get enough of this beach town.

A huge chalkboard showcased a wide variety of beers. The menu was also full of tapas. Needless to say, it would be a great place for a happy hour, or to catch up with friends.

Starting off the lunch were some golden and crispy chili lime fries. The bowl was definitely big enough for two people, maybe even three! The peppery chili with a subtle heat was balanced by the sweet and refreshing lime taste. A good way to start.

Up next was some mac and cheese still sizzling on a skillet. The cheese was bubbly and took a moment to cool for a bit, not that it mattered. I appreciate a nice warm mac n cheese. Nothing super out of the ordinary about this mac & cheese. Yes it was oozing with the mildly flavored cheese, yes I wanted seconds, thirds, and fourths, but nothing that set it apart from the others really.


There were a few slider sized burgers to choose from. Heck, if I was hungry enough, I’d probably sample four of them. But that day I decided to try the Bistro Burger.

The burger was juicy and the greens and onions mixed very well. I could barely notice the bistro sauce though. Maybe a little more would’ve fixed that.

The service was good the whole time I was there. The prices were a little up there averaging at least $15 per person for two tapas sized meals. I’ll be sure to try the tacos. I would have this time but I had tacos the night before & I was really in a burger mood.I would go back again for a small snack but not if I was absolutely starving, otherwise I may have to eat the whole menu!

Have you been to Hot’s Kitchen? What are your favorite gastropubs?

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Hot’s Kitchen

  1. You HAVE to go back for the tacos. So so good. Haven’t had one that I didn’t like. And I’ve had a lot of them. Favorite is for sure the tempura taco.