Follow That Food Truck: The Buttermilk Truck

It took a while but I finally caught up with one of the first food truck I had heard of, The Buttermilk Truck. It used to come to El Segundo every Wednesday morning so I kept pushing back my visit with it, thinking it would always be there. As we know, things change, so I thought I lost my opportunity & would have to chase the truck down. Lucky for me, it came back to El Segundo a few weekends ago so I jumped at my chance to try it.

I’m glad I was the second person in line. News spread quickly that they’d be in El Segundo so the line was easily 20 deep within 10 minutes of them arriving.

I had the Hawaiian Breakfast Sliders. I know this isn’t the most glamorous picture but don’t let that fool you. It’s simply made of sweet Hawaiian bread, Portuguese sausage, another sweet ingredient, sauteed onions and eggs scrambled in a sweet shoyu sauce. Yes, the theme was sweet. And it sure was. Crunchy bread, fluffy eggs, and chewy sausage. This was totally worth the short drive out there on a Saturday morning, and what a way to start it. Now I know why The Buttermilk Truck is so popular.

Have you tried The Buttermilk Truck? What are some of your favorite food trucks?


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