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A friend of mine told me that Buffalo Fire Dept in Torrance had some really good burgers. I kept that in the back of my mind for a bit. Then I saw them at the South Bay Food Fest. They had a small booth there, but I really wanted to try something off the full menu. So I met up with my friend later in the week to give this place a try.

They really play upon their fire department theme with some small fire trucks in the front of the restaurant. The interior reminds me of, you guessed it, the inside of a fire station with its brick walls, large windows and of course the use of the colors red and black. The service was very casual, attentive, and also laid back.

The menu did have your regular hamburgers and cheeseburgers but I was more interested in trying their more unique burgers like Burger Rancheros with fried egg, salsa, and guacamole, or Holly’s Burger with fried onions and jalapeƱos.

It was a tough decision but I picked the Grilled Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Roasted Garlic Burger ($11). As soon as I bit into the burger, I could see why my friend raved about it so much. The meat was so juicy. The combination of the juicy meat, smoky roasted garlic, mild mozzarella and sweet tomatoes was just simply awesome. It was almost like a pizza in my mouth. A burger pizza in my mouth!

The burger was pretty large so not ordering appetizers was a good call. The fries were golden and crispy. The sour pickle was a good way to end the meal. I’ll be back to the Buffalo Fire Department soon. Old Torrance has a few gems and I’m glad this is one of them.

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