Follow That Food Truck: Chunk n Chip

Alright, I know some of you may be wondering why the heck I’m posting about ice cream in October. It’s true that I’ve gotten a lot of posts backlogged, entirely my fault. However, it’s a fact that we in SoCal are blessed to not have a frigid winter. In other words, it doesn’t matter the month on the calendar, we’ll always have time for ice cream.

The Chunk n Chip truck is similar to another ice cream sandwich truck roaming the streets, Cool Haus. Of course what sets them apart are the different flavors they carry and the consistency of the cookies as I found out.

The Chunk n Chip truck carries an ever changing list of ice cream sandwiches. In fact, while I was waiting for my lunch at another truck, they had already ran out of a few of the sandwiches and were moving all the flavors around. So I made my decision and quick.

The Mumbo Jumbo sandwich which was made from chocolate brownie cookies & peanut butter cup ice cream came out almost immediately after I ordered it. I’m glad the cashier gave me a spoon and extra napkins because I really needed it. When I took the first bite, the cookies immediately broke apart and let the gooey ice cream seep through. It was a messy but fun dessert to eat and I don’t recommend eating while driving because you will end up with a really messy and sticky car. The brownie cookies were very moist and packed with an intense sugar flavor. Even though I of course had ice cream with the cookies, I still needed a tall glass of milk to wash it down.

Have you tried the Chunk n Chip truck yet? What’s your favorite food truck?

Chunk-n-Chip (Mobile Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “Follow That Food Truck: Chunk n Chip

  1. Haven’t heard of this truck yet. Wonder if they venture up to LA. Coolhaus is probably one of LA’s best ice cream food trucks, but this could be a nice challenger. Their Snowflake (snicker doodle, eggnog, bourbon & toffee) and Gilligans Island (lemon zest, ginger) sound great!
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    • Oh yeah, it’s on par w/ coolhaus. Their cookies are just a little more crumbly but I like the different flavors.

  2. The Chunk-N-Chip truck is amazing! We had them at our first monthly event in Torrance! They have so many choices and the warm cookies mixed with the delish ice cream is wonderful! It is also a great price point and was great for the community families that came out! The kids were all hooked!

    • I love that they’ve come to the south bay a lot. There’s never enough ice cream for sure!

    • Yeah go for it, it’s Friday. If you think about it, the ice cream trucks have been the original food trucks after all!