Follow That Food Truck! White Rabbit Truck

Yet another Filipino food truck is roaming the streets of LA much to my delight. I first encountered the White Rabbit Truck at South Bay Din Din a Go Go. Thankfully I got there early enough to avoid the long lines (and food potentially selling out). The menu on the White Rabbit Truck was very familiar to me. Meals I grew up with like the savory and comforting chicken adobo, the spicy pork sisig, the sweet pork tocino, and my order for the evening, the citrus marinated beef steak.

The steak had both mild citrus flavors as well as the more robust soy sauce and pepper, all on the tender pieces of meat. The portion was very generous and served with an even more generous portion of two heaping scoops of fluffy warm rice.

You can also get your meal in taco form, which is served on corn tortillas and a vinaigrette. Also available is burrito style, with garlic, rice, egg, and cheese. I do love how they took the simple dishes I grew up with and gave them a modernized twist. I’m glad I got to try this truck. Can’t wait for them to come back to the area so I can try their white chocolate champorado, a chocolatey rice porridge that is perfect for cooler days. I’d also like to give their other entrees a try so come back soon White Rabbit Truck!


Bring the tastes of the White Rabbit Truck home with some filipino dishes

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