Have you gotten shaved?

If you recall a few months ago, I talked about authentic Hawaiian ice and how good it was. Well thankfully, a friend of mine told me right after that post went live, that theres a Hawaiian Ice place right here in the South Bay, Torrance to be exact.

Calling Get Shaved popular was really one of the biggest understatements. The line snaked around the outside of the store. It wasnt really a hot day either but nonetheless we decided to brave it out. After 20 minutes in line, we made out selections. I chose Monkey Brains with banana strawberry syrup generously poured over the smooth ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream underneath.


When I got my order, it was already blatant how this dish got its name. Personally I thought it was pretty cool looking. The syrups did retain that fruity flavor I tasted while in Kihei, Hawaii but they were a bit high on the sugary side. The consistency of the ice was the same and the scoop of ice cream was pretty sweet. The one thing I really didnt like was the long line. I know thats a good sign for the business but I dont think Id like to wait in it like that all the time. Also the floors were really sticky which sadly couldnt be helped with such a long line snaking around the corner, heavy foot traffic is inevitable. This was probably why everyone took their shaved ice to go.

We did go back a few weeks later on a school night and there was no line, maybe thats what we need to do in the future. So go ahead and try Get Shaved. Try going on a weeknight, maybe there’ll be no line.

1790 W Carson St
Torrance‎ CA‎ 90501

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