Cupcakes Couture is Cupcake War Champ

I’m not participating in Muffin Monday this week so I decided to post on its more flamboyant cousin, the cupcake. Let’s face it, we’re lured to these decorative beauties. We ogle at them in display cases. We don’t care if we have to run an extra mile after we’ve devoured a few. It’s worth it.


The good news for us folks in the South Bay bubble is that we don’t have to go all the way to Sprinkles or Crumbs to get our cupcake fix. There’s quite a few contenders here in the South Bay. One of those is Cupcakes Couture in Manhattan Beach. I didn’t know it was a participant in Cupcake Wars on Food Network when I walked in. For me it was simply a cute little store that I’d walk or drive by when I was in the area. They have an open kitchen where you can see the bakers hard at work assembling these little beauties. For many, that and the display case are worth the trip alone. For me, I wanted to try one of these pretty treats that are available on a rotational basis so I suppose you could come in every day to try them all.


So of course I had to get a Lady in Red which is the obligatory red velvet cupcake which was very moist. Its cream cheese frosting was sweet and creamy.


If you’re like me and a whole cupcake can seem like too much to finish in one seating, they have mini versions that calm that sweet tooth of yours. I could really taste the banana in the Nutella Banana one. There were no holding back on the flavors. I would like to see the larger version.

This little shop definitely packs a punch although their cupcakes are a bit on the pricey side. They are standard sized cupcakes but are priced comparably to those found in Sprinkles. However it’s a nice treat every now and then if you don’t want to leave the bubble.

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4 thoughts on “Cupcakes Couture is Cupcake War Champ

    • It was delish! It’s Mat’s favorite so I had to get him one too & he loved it. So glad for the tiny versions too! Less guilt.

  1. I’m really not into cupcakes, but aren’t they beauties? I like them to share with friends over coffee, but it’s usually not something I will buy for myself. Love the interesting flavors though!

    • I’ll only buy one or two, I could never bring a dozen home! Just too much sweetness, but they’re pretty & one for a treat every now & then is good!