Media Lunch: Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza & Grill

I was treated out to lunch last week by the kind people at Wagstaff Worldwide. I was informed that Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza & Grill started right here in SoCal, San Diego to be exact. Lucky for the South Bay, we get to try it out without going outside of our bubble! I was told that it was more than just a pizza place and the first course set that straight.


Let’s face it, lobster bisque isn’t found at a pizzeria. Sammy’s definitely proved it was different than any other pizza place in town. They did a good job with the soup to book.just the right combo of salty, savory, and creamy.


Up next were the shredded duck quesadillas. I could have sworn they were pork if it wasn’t marked as duck on the menu. It wasn’t as fatty as duck would be which is what I liked about the dish. It was just tender and sweet with a pinch of heat.


Up next was the ahi poki. The flavor was so mild, I’ll go out on a limb and say it was a good palate cleanser, at least for me! It was very refreshing. I savored all the light dishes because it’d be pizza time soon.


This was one of my favorite appetizers. This is the one I’d order for sure if I was to eat here again. The bread was warm and soft and the EVOO went very well with the hummus. It felt like a healthy snack.


I loved this salad simply because it was so colorful. The mozzarella was in fact, very fresh. I could make a meal out of that alone. I enjoyed all the veggies but I’d leave the edamame out if it was up to me. It was just a bit on the tough side.


The first pizza we tried was the brie with truffle oil and wild mushrooms. I’m probably the biggest brie fan around but it made for a very rich pizza. Just one slice would be plenty for me.


Now, I was looking forward to trying this arugula & pear pizza simply because I’d never had a pear pizza. The prosciutto and pear were a surprisingly good combo. It was another one I’d order again.


We took a break from the cheesiness and had a very refreshing crab stack. It was just too pretty to take apart but the server did just that. If I was watching my waistline (which I am) I’d order this right here. We had to share but this was the one I’d like to myself.


We closed out lunch with a gigantic cotton candy that brought the carnival to us…


As well with the messiest but tasty sundae. Again just a few bites of this & the cotton candy was enough for me.

I thank Wagstaff for hosting a delish lunch! Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza is a good place to stop by for lunch in the El Segundo area.

780 B-S Sepulveda Blvd
El Segundo, CA 90245

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