I’m Phamished

The truck had eluded me. I’d catch it unexpectedly, and have a full stomach. Was it not meant to be?

I was wrong! I finally caught the  Eat Phamish truck at West High’s food truck fundraiser right here in my own backyard.

It was a beautiful day in the South Bay. With that being said, the truck wasn’t serving pho that day (either that or they sold out by the time I got there) well that just means I’ll have to try the truck at a later, cooler time, right?

However, a good selection of Banh Mi sandwiches, Bun (vermicelli) and spring rolls were available.

I settled on the  lemongrass pork banh mi. At $6 for a foot long filled with garlic mayo, daikon, and pickled carrots, it was a good deal, and something different from the usual lunch.

I liked the light heat that the pork had. However, the heat only got higher as I got to the end of the sandwich! It wasn’t like smoke was coming of my ears but it was noticeable! I guess I shouldn’t guzzle down my water before finishing the sandwich next time.

I’m glad to finally catch this elusive truck! I’ll definitely be back for the banh mi, the bun, and hopefully, finally the pho!

Lookin for more Asian restaurants?

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