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I wrapped up my east coast visit with a trip up to Boston. I’d never been there before and I must say I truly enjoyed my stay. History was one of my favorite subjects so I appreciated all that Boston had to offer.

I found myself craving a lot of seafood while in Boston. Maybe it was because I’ve always known it as the crab capital. At any rate, I was in luck. Boston has many seafood restaurants & we went to one on our first night in town.

We went to Legal C Bar on our first night in town. The moment I walked in, the words industrial elegance came to mind. It reminded me of an old warehouse that was remodeled to be an elegant restaurant. I was informed that Legal C is known for its fresh grilled fish. After looking through the menu and finding it tough to make a decision, I was relieved that the server suggested the salmon special which sounded too good to pass up.

Salmon special Legal C Bar Boston, MA

A colorful and fragrant plate was presented to me. The salmon, complete with charred grill marks was covered with a salsa verde and sat atop two fluffy cornbread cakes. It was accompanied with diced jicama. Everything from the salsa, to the salmon, and the vegetables was very fresh. My favorite part of the dish was the corn cakes. Sweet and buttery, I wish they had this as a regular menu item. I can see why Legal C is such a popular place. I wish they had a branch out here. Until then, it gives me a reason to go back east.

Fresh Lumpy Primate at JP Licks Boston, MA

We finished off our wonderful dinner with a trip to J.P. Licks; an ice cream parlor with a strange name. The large cow sculpture in the front reminded me instantly of Ben & Jerry’s while the interior reminded me of a cross between Ben & Jerry’s & a Coldstone although no mixing was done at this location. It was popular with the locals as the line stayed long but moved quickly. In addition to the traditional flavors, they also offered some monthly specials including, cucumber, peach, Boston greenfest, & brownie batter. However, the one that caught my eye was the strangest name I had seen, which was probably part of their master plan. That flavor was fresh lumpy primate. While it sounded like a monkey stew, to my relief it was far from it! To my delight it was banana ice cream, nuts, and chocolate fudge.  An enjoyable treat, it makes me want to be on the hunt for banana flavored ice cream so I could recreate it myself.

After completing the freedom trail the next day in downtown Boston and feeling cultured & educated, it was again time for food. Fortunately, Max & Dylan’s was at the end of the trail. With a wall of windows overlooking the bridges, it was perfect for people watching which there was a high volume of with the holiday weekend. The dark colors from the carpet to the furniture would suggest a fancy restaurant. However, the menu was just traditional American food with sandwiches, burgers, and salads albeit with a more elaborate presentation. What was odd was several choices of mac & cheese that was offered.

Portobella sandwich at Max & Dylan's Boston, MA

I settled on the grilled portabella sandwich complete with goat cheese and tomato jam. The Asian marinated mushrooms melded with the cheese, sprouts & the sauce ever so smoothly. It was at that moment I realized why the place was so done up with a seemingly regular menu. It made the ordinary extrordinary.

We went to Hillstone on our last day in town. Again like most of the restaurants I visited during my stay, this one was dimly lit as well. Located in the heart of downtown but tucked away from plain sight, the dining area remained quiet as we enjoyed our lunch. My sister in law informed me that it’s usually busy for dinner and rightfully so since many offices are nearby. It was one of those hidden places only a local would know & I’m glad we were with some.

The menu was rather small and I assumed it was a lunch menu but I wouldn’t have known as our server was touch and go for our entire stay. My sushi combo platter was very fresh & slightly different from what I was used to since it consisted of rolls with unique dipping sauces and unique ingredients such as nuts. However, the service was just average to me. We were one of the only tables in the restaurant but the servers didn’t seem to have a sense of urgency which is unfortunate considering how upscale the restaurant was.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy my time in Boston, both from a tourist standpoint as well as a foodies. It was nice to try different types of cuisines both in NY and Boston. It left me inspired, with a desire to look for more variety out here in LA.

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