Restaurant Review: Restaurant Christine Torrance, CA

Sitting on a hillside just a few miles from Palos Verdes is a small strip mall that’s tucked away from the main road. This strip mall has many eating establishments but is a near miss if you’re not careful.

One of the restaurants is Restaurant Christine. Just like the rest of the occupants of the strip mall, the storefront of this restaurant is nothing more than a beige exterior. Nothing about it stood out. Infact even when I walked into the restaurant, I wasn’t sure what the theme was.

What I did notice though was that it had a patio that was hidden from view by tall shrubbery., It immediately reminded me of a quaint little cafe.

As soon as we entered, we were greeted and seated at the small but busy dining area. I thought it may be one of those hidden gems. I hoped I’d be right as I perused the menu.

The starters had an eclectic mix of your typical salads like Greek and mushroom but it also included out of the ordinary items such as pork shumai, lobster mac & cheese, and ahi tuna three ways.

The main courses had a wide variety as well including sesame glazed salmon, cioppino, and braised short ribs.

Tomato Bisque at Restaurant Christine Torrance, CA

Tomato Bisque at Restaurant Christine Torrance, CA

If that wasn’t enough, there was also a daily special menu. From that, I selected a cup of tomato bisque ($8) which was very creamy & warm with just enough salt to give it a good kick. It was so good that it made me want to order the bowl next time.

Center Cut Jamaican Swordfish at Restaurant Christine Torrance, CA

Center Cut Jamaican Swordfish at Restaurant Christine Torrance, CA

My entree was the grilled center cut Jamaican swordfish ($27). It came with charred vegetables, a pineapple broth and sticky rice. The fish was already moist to begin with but the pinapple juice just enhanced it & brought a welcome sweetness to the dish. The charred vegetables had a nice carmelized texture. I was a bit indifferent about the rice. Yes it was sticky, yes it was good, but nothing to write about.

The food was great but unfortunately I cannot say the same about the service. Our server himself was knowlegeable and witty but unfortunately he had the entire dining room to himself & it was rather busy. He didn’t buckle under the pressure but at the same time he was spreading himself too thin.  I would return in a few months just to see if the service improved but I’m in no hurry at this time.

Restaurant Christine
24530 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505

(310) 373-1952

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