Kitchen 24 Hollywood CA

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I went to Kitchen 24 on a late Saturday night. The streets were buzzing with everyone bar hopping, and this place was no exception. It was essentially a dolled up diner accented by dim purple lights, retro furniture and lighting fixtures. There was even a DJ. Yes, a DJ at a diner.

The menu consisted of breakfast which is served 24 hours a day, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees which included comfort food such as meatloaf. Cocktails are served from 6am-2am. Clearly it’s not your usual diner. It tries to keep the party going all day long!

I ordered the after school special which is simply a grilled cheese & spicy tomato soup. The grilled cheese was great, it’s really hard to screw that up! The soup was warm & hearty & just a tad spicy. I kept dipping the sandwich into the oversized bowl. It was a fun dish.
The drawback to this place was the service which was slow throughout. The server didn’t offer any specials or try to upsell anything. The food took a while to get to the table and other servers checked on us & brought us refills. She also took a while to settle the check.
If you’re going here to just chill with some friends then go for it, because the atmosphere is fun & the food is pretty good. However I wouldn’t recommend dining here if you’re in a rush.
Overall I give this experience ** 1/2 stars
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