Cravings, West Hollywood, CA

A name like Cravings lets the mind believe that this is the place that will satisfy your appetite, to quench your thirst. Cravings. It needs to live up to its name.

Located on the Sunset Strip, a prime location for people watching, shopping, and eating is where Cravings stands. It is early evening. The restaurants across the street are packed with patrons. However, here at Cravings only eight of the exterior dining tables occupied. The interior is empty. Requesting to dine inside the restaurant is met with a perplexed look by the hostess.

The dining room is dimly lit. White tablecloths adorn the dark wood furniture. The vibe of the room is an American cafe. However the menu offers a plethora of Mediterranean cuisine. A server approaches around 10 minutes after seating and takes our drink order. Shortly after, another server approaches to take a drink order. Confused servers so early in the dining experience. Clearly, not off to a good start.

Finally the first server returns with the drinks, a basket of bread and an olive spread. He makes a few recommendations. He also looks knowledgeable when asked about particular menu items. The dinner order is taken and the server vanishes, tending only to the outside tables. Another server brings us refills, and a third server brings the food.

The Tilapia Puttanesca is a tangy and a tad spicy sauce of garlic, anchovies, peppers, olives, capers and tomatoes. The sauce sits atop the tilapia which has a mild flavor. The dish hits the spot and is accompanied by broccoli, asparagus and mashed potatoes which are all cooked just right.

Our original server still has not returned to our table. Once again another server asks us how we’re doing and refills our drinks. Our server is seen outside once again. At this point there are only 5 tables outside, and our table is the sole table inside. There are two other servers that help our server but they don’t have tables of their own.

Our server returns and offers us coffee. The dessert menu is not mentioned. We order two coffees. The coffees are brought by our server who drops the check. It takes him 15 minutes to come by and pick up the check and another 15 to settle the bill.

As we leave the restaurant, the same hostess that seated us asks us if we’d like a table. Clearly she doesn’t remember us, and doesn’t realize that we were exiting the restaurant. Confusion is the theme this evening.

Cravings is located on the Sunset Strip. A popular area with locals and tourists alike, there is only one parking lot across the street that fills up after 5pm daily. Valet is the only other option for parking. Cravings for Confusion is more like it as that tended to be the theme this evening. It will be a long while before a return trip is made, if that ever happens in the first place.

I give this establishment * 1/2 out of 5 stars

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2 thoughts on “Cravings, West Hollywood, CA

  1. Thanks for stopping by today! I'm excited to find your blog because my South Bay friends often ask me for recommendations, and I don't know what to suggest. Now I can send them your way. :)